Analytics and Research Consulting

Global in-depth surveys and risk management solutions that provide analytics, modelling and expert advice which enable insightful and intelligent executions across all asset classes and business categories in an environment that is invigorating and rapidly changing.

  • Risk Analytics,
  • Data Analytics,
  • Data Extraction,
  • Data Manipulation and Modelling.
  • Industry research & sectoral analysis
  • Socio-economic surveys & analysis
  • Market demand assessment
  • Feasibility studies
  • Economic modeling & projection

Development Economics

Specialised socio-economic development solutions, coupled with experience footprint in sub-Saharan Africa, we provide strategic advice, research and development to all your development needs and analysis.

  • Organisational development
  • Business plan formulation
  • Economic impact assessment
  • Economic development potential investigations
  • Strategic planning for job creation & poverty alleviation
  • Master planning
  • Sustainable Environmental Management
  • Project Management, evaluation and monitoring